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The Rotary Club of Mississauga

The Rotary Club of Cooksville, later to become the Rotary Club of Mississauga, was granted its charter by Rotary International on April 23, 1954.  The club’s first meetings were held in the old Cooksville United Church on Dundas Street.  As the populations of Cooksville and The Toronto Township grew, the Club’s name changed to The Rotary Club of Cooksville-Dixie with its meetings held in Applewood Village.  Under this name, the Club sponsored the Rotary Club of Streetsville in 1961. 


In July 1960, the club’s charter president, Archie Turner, was appointed Governor of (what was then) District 707.  Archie was the first of six District Governors from our club.  He was followed by Bob Watson (’73), Duncan Lyall (’88), Bob Harriman (’89), Jerry Wijngaard (’99) and Bernd Dinert in 2010.


In 1969 Rotary International approved another name change and we became known as The Rotary Club of Mississauga.  Our record of support to local and overseas communities is impressive and varied.  Rotary’s special focus on “youth” has led to the Club’s involvement with the Youth Exchange Program, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Camp Enterprise and Adventures in Citizenship.  The Club sponsors the TL Kennedy Interact Club, The Glen Forest Interact, and the Mississauga Rotaract Club and also sponsors the Mississauga Probus Club.

President’s Past and Present

1954-55 Archie Turner*          1980-81 Ted Glista*        2006-07 Murray Groves

1955-56 Morris Magwood*     1981-82  Jack Rose          2007-08  Michael Syer

1956-57 Walter Coupland*     1982-83  Art Good            2008-09  Terry Chaffe

1957-58 Gordon Christie*       1983-84  Frank Cosco*    2009-10  David Shuter

1958-59 Dr. John Speck*         1984-85  Bob Harriman  2010-11  Helga Noyes

1959-60 Kenneth Gartley*      1985-86  Dennis Moss     2011-12  Christoph                                                                                                                          Treptau

1960-61 Tony Mendell*           1986-87  Mal Carey*       2012-13  Lana Burchett

1961-62 Glenn Grice*              1987-88  Rick Fawcett     2013-14  Julie Grabb

1962-63 Kenneth Dickson*     1988-89  John Hatton*    2014-15  Steve Ferguson

1963-64 Howard Lawrence*   1989-90  Moe Lewicky*  2015-16  Mark Jeffreys

1964-65 Donald Pallett*           1990-91  Tony Collings    2016-17  Fazle Naqvi

1965-66 Bob Watson*               1991-92  Bill Reid             2017-18  Helga Noyes

1966-67 Charles Bryan*           1992-93  Ray Berta          2018-19 Saskia                                                                                                                                 Wijngaard

1967-68 Dr. Bob Watson*       1993-94 Jerry Wijngaard  2019-20 David Raves

1968-69 Duncan Lyall*             1994-95  Bernd Dinert   2020-21 David Raves

1969-70 Paul Volpe*                  1995-96  Bill Rowe          2021-22 Lynn Lewis

1970-71 Jack Lyons                     1996-97  James Lewis

1971-72 David Harkness           1997-98  Jan Gerrard

1972-73 Robert Gilbert*            1998-99    Rob Pollard

1973-74 Ian Gray                        1999-00    Greg Glista

1974-75 Glenn Grice*                2000-01    Merle Zoerb

1975-76 Glenn Grossett             2001-02    Lynn Lewis

1976-77 Jim McPherson*          2002-03    Ted Caputo

1977-78 David Pallett*               2003-04    Timothy Whitehead

1978-79 Richard Deroches        2004-05    John Barnum

1979-80 Gary Knechtel*            2005-06    Tom McPherson 

*indicates founding members. 

Other distinguished positions held by members of our club:

  1.     PDG Archie Turner in 1960
  2.     PDG Bob Watson in 1973
  3.     PDG Dunc Lyall in 1988
  4.     PDG Bob Harriman in 1989
  5.     PDG Jerry Wijngaard in 2000
  6.     PDG Bernard Dinnert 2010
  7.     PADG Helga Noyes (3 year term July 2011 to June 2014).
  8.     PADG Jan Gerrard ( June 2015 to June 2018)