Districts must become qualified in order to receive grant funding from The Rotary Foundation. Clubs that want to apply for  must also be qualified.

The qualification process helps ensure that your district or club understands your financial responsibilities, including stewardship, and is prepared to take them on. Qualification must be completed each year.

Qualify your district

Becoming qualified is simple. Your district governor, governor-elect, and Rotary Foundation chair should:

  • Read through the district qualification memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the grants application tool, answer a series of questions, and agree to the MOU
  • Conduct grant management seminars for clubs

You can return to review the document and the additional content provided as often as you like. And you may also set additional qualification requirements for clubs.

Qualify your club

If your club wishes to apply for global grants, your president and president-elect must:

  • Agree to the club qualification MOU
  • Send at least one club member to a grant management seminar held by your district
  • Complete any additional steps that your district requires

Your club must qualify each year if you plan to apply for global grants.

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