A Mississauga based organization that has provided a broad range of supports to survivors of violence and contributed to thought leadership on how to eradicate gender-based violence for almost 40 years. For decades, we have tirelessly fought to raise awareness of — and end — individualized and systemic violence in our communities.
Mississauga Rotary’s grant of $5000 will be used to Adopt-A-Room and have an immeasurable impact on survivors and their children residing at Embrave. These funds will enable us to ensure that survivors who turn to Embrave for shelter are welcomed into a bright, welcoming space outfitted with all the comforts of a family home. Specifically, the funds will be used to provide furnishings, renovations, and maintenance (on an as-needed basis) for one year for the congregate Living Room at one of our shelter locations. The Rotary Mississauga gift will provide survivors with an opportunity to focus on what’s most important—their well-being and their futures.