RCOM provides $5000 in funding to the new art shelter and mural for the arts in Mississauga.
The Frog in Hand Productions team with the support of RCOM, City of Mississauga, OTF, Community Foundation of Mississauga through CFC and the CHCI Gov of Canada and the Lakeview developers have created an amazing Art Shelter and Mural at the Lakeview Village site. 
RCOM awarded a $5k grant to Frog in Hand Productions for the Mural project. President Hashim, Lorraine and Moya were invited to the opening on November 25th where a plaque in honour of RCOM's mural support was revealed and the shovel that started the project was signed.  
This art shelter space, geodesic dome, will serve the Mississauga arts community for rehearsal space and performance and exhibit events.