In the Rotary Year of 2023 -2024, the Rotary of Mississauga and the Rotary of Alexandria Cosmopolitan have collaborated to support the abandoned babies in Alexandria, Egypt and provide them with a place to grow safely.

The Ministry of Health in Egypt has built a house for the abandoned babies. Rotary Alexandria turned the house into a baby-safe place by purchasing forty children's beds, healthy care items and equipment besides the developmental needed toys. However, these abandoned babies need the supplies of baby's milk, nutritious food, and health care items. Therefore, the Rotary of Mississauga provided a funds in the amount of $5000 covering the cost of the baby's nutrition and health items for several months. 

This international collaboration aims to save a child from growing up on the streets. This project protects the children from suffering and being victims of crimes, drugs, or whatever dangerous situations of living on the road. Rotarians hate to have a child fall into these troubles. This Rotary collaboration matches the great goals of Rotary International,  ensuring that peace and caring about kids' health are priorities.

The project stands on the solid support of the Ministry of Health of Egypt, which provides salaries for the baby's care team and nurses for the babies. After a baby is two years old, he/she will be moved to an orphan home to live there or be adopted by a family. Thanks to the International Services Committee members who worked to achieve this international collaboration.