Visiting Rotarians: 




(editor not responsible for misspelling of names due to unreadable names on the sign in sheets)




(the editor greatly appreciates all the make-ups!)

Thank you to those who reported make-ups. There are a lot of make-ups not being marked in, such as members attending the Ribfest meetings, the committee meetings before and after the Rotary meeting, the existing and new board meetings. These all count as a make-up.

Regular Attendance at club meetings is at the very heart of Rotary fellowship and engagement. Recognizing that there will be times when attending a Tuesday lunch time session just will not be possible, members are urged to do a make-up by visiting another club or an on-line 'e-club' such as Rotary E-Club One or The e-Club of New York at And, don't forget to record your make-ups - either on the sheet at weekly meetings or by email to Helga.

Sharethe gift of Rotary with others. Bring along a friend or colleague and introduce her/ him to a world of opportunity.