Posted by Julie Grabb

The funds we raise go to the community both locally and worldwide. Our major fundraiser is a July  4 day Ribfest which we run with the Mississauga West Rotary Club. We regularly get over 100,000 visitors to this community event! Our June Lobsterfest has sold-out for years, but we can always find a seat for the all-you-can-eat Lobster-chicken feast!

We also support local Mississauga charities such as The Peel Children's Aid, The Vita Centre for Pregnant & Parenting Youth, PACT and many others.

We are involved in many worthwhile causes including the following: Camp Enterprise is our 3-day live-in workshop for local High School Students.  It allows them to experience the world of Business first hand through the standpoint of local business people.    A Rotary Exchange Student from a foreign land comes to Canada each year to be hosted by our club's families for the entire school year. In return, we send out a local student to be hosted by other Rotary Clubs all over the world.    Two Mississauga Interact Clubs for High School age Students and a Rotaract Club for those of university age were initiated and continue to operate with our Club's support.    Many local charitable and community causes are supported by our Club. The long list of donations made by our club to these important causes is a great source of pride to us.    Our International focus is to rid the world of Polio.  Each week we donate funds to immunize 45 children as a way of honouring our weekly speaker. Over the years, we also have also accumulated a long list of international causes such as providing underprivileged areas with clean water, better medical care and improved school conditions.



We are proud to have had four District Governors from our Club over the years.

We have a first class President's Gala at the Mississaugua Golf & Country Club which is also the location of our meetings.

Our Rotary lunch at the Mississaugua Golf & Country Club is the best meal in the District!    We have a number of events including 'Guess who's Coming to Dinner' Nights to brighten up the dull early winter months.  The fun thing about Rotary is that the club is whatever the members want to make of it so our club structure constantly evolves. We take our responsibilities seriously as we work to strengthen our club and the local and international communities we serve.