Health Partners International Canada (HPIC) provides medication and supplies donated by Canada’s Healthcare industry and packed with care by teams of dedicated volunteers. 
The Rotary of Mississauga Rotarians joined a team of volunteers to pack several HMK boxes that will be delivered to vulnerable areas, as shown in the attached photos. The HMK kits are designed for doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers caring for vulnerable communities, who are taking these kits with them to emergency areas. Each kit provides around 600 treatments and weighs about 50 lbs. NGOs, humanitarian organizations, and faith-based organizations take these kits with them. HPIC calls these kits a “Pharmacy in a box,” the boxes have everything that the healthcare workers need on the ground. Through its quick response to emergency health needs, HPIC supports emergencies in Gaza, Ukraine, Tahiti, and Ghana.

Thanks, Lynn Lewis, Lorraine Crow and Nagwa Abou El-Naga, for your time and effort in preparing the HMK boxes on March 20, 2024.