Linden King receives the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Pin and the Chairman's Award for The Credits for his work in the community.  As Linden says, This was a Blessed and Humble weekend. 
Linden King was recognized by Sonia Sidhu, Member of Parliament for Brampton South for his work in the community and was presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee pin.  Linden would like to thank the Honourable Senator Victor Oh for selecting him to receive one of sixty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medallion for his dedication of service to the community and country. 

On behalf of our The Credits Chair Luz del Rosario regarding The Credits, Linden King was chosen to receive the 2022 Chairman’s Award.  The Credits celebrates the contributions made by our community Heritage Heroes, who have worked to preserve, protect and communicate our city’s heritage and to recognize all that he has done to help create a sense of pride and place in the community.  The Credits will be held on Thursday November 3rd at the Mississauga Grand Banquet and Event Centre. 

I would especially like to thank my Wife and Children for supporting me over the years. Their love and support help to sustain my achievements.  Therefore, I share these awards and accomplishments with them. I am truly grateful and thankful.